The Challenge
There are thousands of churches in Africa and South Africa who do not have a church building. They use classrooms, schools, garages, shacks and tents to
conduct their services.
Judea Harvest has placed 2500+ tent churches across Africa and continue to do so at one marquee tent each working day. We are still flooded with requests for Tents and Churches, and as a Tent only lasts about 7 years, there is a need for
permanent buildings.

The Plan
Judea Harvest has developed a pre-fabricated steel Church that can
accommodate from 200 up to 500 people. This SNAP Church bolts together on-site and requires no specialized building experience nor specialized tools.

None of the churches operating in the rural and informal settlements in Africa will ever be able to afford the full cost of their own buildings. Therefore through this program
we subsudize these buildings.

What will it cost?

Included in your donation will be a percentage that will go towards the
SNAP Church Building.

Flight from USA, Visa and Passport costsis excluded from the price, and arranged by each individual and group.

What is Included?
- 3/4 Star accommodation
- 3 Top quality meals daily
- Airport Pickup
- Entrance fees to game park
- Experience Africa Wildlife
- Opportunity to build a church

Contact Details:
Tel: 704 675 4737

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